Top 10 Types of Writing Genre That You May Don’t Know

If you are a movie lover, drama lover, or television episodes lover, I’m sure you have heard the word “Genre”. Right? There are several people who love fantasy movies, horror, romantic-comedy, etc.

But have you ever wondered what is Genre in writing? What are the different types of writing genre? If yes, then this blog gives the answers to these questions to you. 

Well, every writing genre has its own set of requirements and perspectives. However, genres are also a creative tool. It provides several perspectives to tell a tale in a variety of ways. For example, what type of writing style do you wish to have? Is it supposed to be serious, hilarious, or personal? 

So, if you want to know more about the writing genre and the types of writing genre, go through this blog. You will get all the essential information about the same. So, here we go!

Writing Genre

In simple words, a writing genre is a kind of story that can be read and written. It conveys the tale in an engaging manner. The only purpose of the writing genre is to exchange information, ideas, and emotions with readers.

There are several genres. For example, short tales, personal narratives, sequels to stories, and retellings of stories.

Moreover, each writing genre has specific characteristics. Such as rhymes, stylistic techniques, or pictures. Using poetic phrases, creating emotive moral appeals, or having characters explain reasoning can all persuade readers that the writer is correct.

In addition, each writing genre focuses on describing events, theories, or other concepts in a certain way. Also, the stories with a primary narrative and characters fall under this category.

Moving further, let’s discuss the various types of writing genre.

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Types of Writing Genre

There are several writing genres to choose between. A work of fiction can involve certain facts. But, it is mostly a product of the author’s imagination and creativity. Therefore, let’s have a look at different writing genres.

Professional Writing Genres


Memos were once thought to be standard professional or commercial letters. Even if the medium has changed, guidelines for a typical memo still exist.

Moreover, Memos on paper are quickly becoming irrelevant. They give a concise overview, with the most relevant information. Also, its pleasant style helps the readers to understand the writer’s message. This makes memos relevant to the target audience.

Business Letters

Business letters can be formal or informal. A well-written business letter explains why it is vital to the reader. An organized strategy is vital for good communication.

Social Media

In corporate communication, social media is a new genre. Depending on the audience and the issue, the amount of conversation in social media posts changes. However, studying social media postings is a better idea to reach out to your target audience.

Literary Genres

This is one of the various types of writing genre. Let’s discuss what types are the types of literary genres.


Thriller is different from other genres. It focuses on the storyline. MasterClass by Dan Brown is a great location to learn how to create thrillers. But, thrillers lack humor. 


Horror is a literary, movie, and television genre. Fear is at the heart of horror literature, films, and television shows. Gothic novels are a well-known example from the seventeenth century.


Historical fiction is a genre of literature set in the past. Moreover, historical novels present ancient individuals or events to show their authenticity. Also, they read history books and novels to know the real facts.


Romance is a literary genre. It deals with love tales between two individuals. Also, it can be found in a variety of genres. Moreover, Romance has existed since the dawn of time. But time travel and supernatural romances have been increasingly popular in recent decades.

Science Fiction

Science fiction is a genre that explores the role of science and technology in society. Also, it constructs other universes and usually includes scientific elements. 

Moreover, Science fiction is a fictional genre. It involves space travel, time travel, or other futuristic cultures. There are several popular themes in novels. For example, government control over society and personal freedoms.


Fantasy novels are works of magical realism set in different worlds. They are mythological and folklore in nature. In addition, both children and adults appreciate them.


A mystery is a work of fiction that follows the crime, investigation, and conclusion of a crime or wrongdoing. A legal case or a criminal inquiry is usually described in this genre.

Moreover, in mystery books, there are always puzzles to solve. This includes historical mysteries, locked-room mysteries, and police procedural suspense thrillers.


The Bildungsroman is a genre of literature that tells stories about growing up. The hero is usually heartbroken and goes on a journey, facing struggle along the way that finally grows them into an adult by the end of the novel.

Academic Writing Genre

These types of writing genre are usually used in academics. Let’s discuss them.

Analytical Writing

Analytical writing is data-driven and scientific. Also, authors have a chance to include persuasive writing in it. The common layout for this writing genre includes;

  • An abstract (summary)
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Findings
  • Discussion

Argumentative Writing

In this writing, the writer breaks down a concept or topic into its basic pieces. After that provide arguments and evidence for each portion. Therefore, this is commonly done through the reading and comprehension of fiction or nonfiction literature.

However, the three components of an argumentative essay are as follows;

  • A thesis (primary claim)
  • Supporting points or evidence
  • A conclusion that acts as a summary.

Professional Writing

There are different types of professional writing. For example, business letters, emails, research, reports, and executive summaries. 

Final Words

To sum up, we have discussed the various types of writing genre in the above blog. Therefore, now you understand the most common writing genres. Moreover, we have divided the writing genres into three parts. They are professional writing, literary and academic writing genres.

So, now you are aware of all the vital types of writing genres. Now, you can choose any genre for your writings, whether you are writing a blog, mail, etc.

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