George Kambosos vs. Devin Haney

After a patient start, Haney lands a few jobs but nothing flush. Kambosos attempts to time his jab with a few flurries of his own but nothing clean lands. 10-9 Haney

Round 1:

Very close round. Kambosos lands the most significant punch of the fight so far when he catches Haney coming in with a right hand. A left hook late seals it for Kambosos on our card. 10-9 Kambosos (19-19)

Round 2:

Haney takes the third courtesy of his jab landing consistently. The American finds the target with a left hook on the break. 10-9 Haney (29-28 Haney)

Round 3:

Another nice round for the visitor. His jab continues to keep Kambosos at bay and when he does get into range his head movement gets him out of trouble. 10-9 Haney (39-37 Haney)

Round 4:

Kambosos was able to get into range on several occasions but couldn't land anything significant. 10-9 Haney (49-46 Haney)

Round 5:

The Aussie is by no means out of it but may need to mix up the gameplan. 10-9 Haney (59-55 Haney)

Round 6:

punches when they do get in close but Haney remains elusive. Kambosos landed a nice short right early on. 10-9 Haney (69-64 Haney)

Round 7:

Might be time to take some risks if Kambosos is to turn it around. 10-9 Haney (79-73 Haney)

Round 8:

Kambosos is going nowhere and finds some joy with an overhand right but Haney eats it no problem. 10-9 Haney (89-82 Haney)

Round 9:

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