Narrative Writing

Types of narrative writing

Linear narrative

With a linear narrative, a story’s events are told in chronological order. Most books, movies, TV shows, and other pieces of media are linear narratives.

Non-linear narrative

In contrast to a linear narrative, a nonlinear narrative presents its story’s events in nonchronological order.

Viewpoint narrative

A viewpoint narrative focuses on the narrator’s perspective of the story’s events. Generally, these kinds of stories are more character driven than plot driven.

Descriptive narrative

In a descriptive narrative, the focus is on how the story’s setting, characters, and objects look and feel.

Characteristics of narrative writing

Each type of writing has its own unique characteristics, and narrative writing is no different.

Tips for awesome narrative writing

Use your narrative to build characters

When you’re writing in the first-person point of view, your story’s narrator is one of the characters in the story.

Listen to how people tell stories

Next time your friend tells you about their day, pay as much attention to how they tell the story as you do to the story itself.

Mix and match narrative styles

Writing a linear narrative doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate elements of a descriptive or viewpoint narrative.

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