Top 5 Different Types of Writing Formats Across the World

Well, becoming good at writing, whether for work or fun, is not as easy as sitting down and putting words on paper. There are different types of writing formats and styles a writer should consider.

Writing Format

In simple words, a writing format is a certain method of conveying thoughts or presenting ideas in a specific framework.

Types of Writing Styles

– Narrative Writing – Descriptive Writing – Persuasive Writing – Expository Writing

Narrative Writing

Narrative writing is a storytelling writing style. It is all about expressing a character’s experience. Also, it can be a long story or a short tale, span years or just a few minutes, and be true or false.

Descriptive Writing

The purpose of descriptive writing is to build a clear memory in the reader’s imagination of a person or a location. Also, this allows the reader to have a better sense of the entire tale.

Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing clearly explains your message. Its purpose is to convey your message in a meaningful manner. Also, it convinces readers of your point of view or viewpoint.

Expository Writing

This writing describes, explains, or enlightens the reader on a certain subject. Its purpose is to explain a subject or issue.

Various Types Of Writing Formats

APA MLA Chicago Turabian IEEE


The American Psychological Association (APA) formed the APA style in 1929. It provides three types of information to include in the text body of the composition.


This is another one of the important types of writing formats. However, this writing is generally used for discussing language or literature.


In 1906, the Chicago University Press first published this format. Its purpose is to adopt punctuation and grammatical standards that are often used in American English.


This style was created by Kate L. Turabian for students. Especially for students who are preparing research papers, dissertations, and theses.


The Chicago style is also used as the basis for these types of writing formats. The in-text citations are also identical to the Chicago style.

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