What is Writing? Types of Writing Formats and Styles

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What is Writing Format?

In simple words, a writing format is a unique style of presenting thoughts or ideas in a specific format. Well, it depends on the type of writing and the style of an individual writer.

Types of Writing Formats

When it comes to academic papers, there are a few different writing formats that can help you arrange your content.

Chicago Style Or CMS

The Chicago Manual of Style was first published in 1906 by the Chicago University Press. It is available in two formats: Notes-Bibliography and Author-Date.

MLA Style

This format is widely used in the humanities, particularly in the field of languages. Various scholars of languages and literature use this format.

APA Style

The APA format was founded by the American Psychological Association in 1929. Students of social sciences, education, engineering, and other professions widely use this format.


Due to its similarities to the Chicago format, this writing format was created by Kate L. Turabian. Students working on research papers, dissertations, and theses use this format.

Harvard Style

The Harvard referencing style is another well-known writing pattern. It was developed by Harvard University students for attributing sources in academic papers.

Popular Writing Styles

Now, you are aware of the different academic writing formats. Moving further, let’s look at the forms and styles of creative writing.

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